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Liane Scott, the founder and coordinator of DC Visions and Video Exchange, is an independent video producer and media instructor based in Washington, DC. She received her bachelor's degree in film from Penn State University and completed the core courses of the masters of fine arts program in film at New York University. While in New York, Ms Scott worked as a production coordinator for the award-winning commercial production house They Shoot Films, Inc. and as an associate producer at Crest Films, Inc., a CBS affiliate responsible for the creation of a variety of television sports programs.

Family ties and a desire for community brought her to Washington DC, where she made the transition from commercial television to community-based media training and production. During the last decade and a half, Scott has worked with several DC-based nonprofits preparing youth for careers in media. Through video production, Scott's students have explored their lives and made positive contributions to their communities.

In addition to producing PSAs and covering grassroots and community events, Scott has produced several documentaries, including:

Is This the Ghetto a 30-minute documentary in which residents of a subsidized housing project fight to stay in their homes when the landlord threatens to sell the property to developers who would turn the buildings into market-rate condominiums.

I Apologize: A Closer Look at Kiddie Car Thefts, a documentary following two young offenders as they look back on their criminal history as well as the effect it's had on their families, their communities and their lives.

The Ripple Effect: Our Stories, a youth-led documentary that documents the voices and struggles of girls and young women of color in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Changing Rivers, Saving Lives, a documentary chronicling the efforts of the Earth Conservation Corps to transform the Anacostia River and surrounding neighborhoods into a thriving community.

The Walls of Jericho and the Movement that's Shaking Them, a feature-length documentary that follows the movement to release U.S. political prisoners jailed for their activities in association with the revolutionary movements of the 1960s.

War on Iraq: Noncompliance, a 30-minute documentary that deconstructs a 1998 demonstration against military intervention in Iraq. Veteran activists and youthful generation Xers clash over tactics instead of with the police.

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