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Production Services

DC Visions offers services for those who want to produce a video, but you don't want to do it alone. The Video Exchange currently has two prosumer 3-chip cameras (broadcast quality or near it), a small variety of microphones, lights and tripods, one Macintosh computer equipped with Final Cut Express and 1-2 camera operators/editors for hire. This is not a full-service facility. We don't charge full-service facility prices, and whenever we think you will be served better elsewhere, we will not hesitate to refer you.

Our aim is to help individuals and organizations within the DC metropolitan area use video and the Internet to tell their stories and further their causes. We cannot provide production services for free, but we will try to help you meet your production needs regardless of the size of your budget. Ideally, we will act as consultants, helping you and/or members of your staff produce your own videos. If you choose to work with us, chances are you'll learn enough to make your own video next time. Click on the following links for a more detailed explanation of the services we provide.

  • Event Tapes: When you want something covered by people who know what they're doing, but your budget is limited.
  • PSAs: Tell the story of your organization, recruit participants or ask for donations in sixty seconds or less.
  • Digital Stories: Use still photos, graphics, music and short video clips to create a digital version of a personal narrative that's important to you or your organization.
  • Video Podcasts: Explain the issues from your point of view, make a call to action and further your cause.

We don't yet have the resources to produce longer video projects such as orientation, training, tabletop or fund-raising videos, but we will soon. For now, if we determine that your project is too long and complicated for our little run-around crew, we'll recommend that you contact one of the producers who contributes to this site.

If you do hire us to shoot and edit your project and you don't have your own website, then we will post your project on this site even if it sucks. We really don't want to put embarrassingly unprofessional footage on this site, so you're likely to get our best efforts. If you plan to distribute your project further, check out the links on our Videos Page.

Contact us via e-mail at Mail@DCVisions.org