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Making the best of the available light--Shooting tips for the beginner without a light kit.

As stated earlier, the key to good lighting for video and for film is the careful control of the contrast range between light sources. The only way to really gain control over the contrast in your shot is by manipulating the lighting. But if you don't have control over the light, then you have to use other methods. For a start, you can do your best to move your subjects and yourself where the light is most favorable.

Here it is good to remember the first rule of composition--move. Move yourself or the elements in your shot until your shot looks good. Mostly, this is about getting your subject into a well-lit location. If you can't move your subject, then move the camera. Sometimes a change in angle will help to create more favorable lighting conditions. If you can't move your subject and you can't move the camera, you can try manipulating the environment with props and backdrops. If all of those options fail, you can manipulate the settings on your camera. What follows are a few shooting tips that should help you to use the available light wisely, helping you to control the contrast range in your shots without investing in expensive lighting equipment.

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